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Fantastic concerts

Fantastic concerts

 Live Concerts

I’m A Nut For Music…

We all have our favorites. I have too many to list.. BUT…

I’ve had the pleasure to see many …



Just 2  of the many I’ve seen. Paul McCartney  and The Rolling Stones. I was fortunate enough to see have front row seats for The Rolling Stones. In the past 30 year I’ve seen tons of rock bands..Your ringing ears and the smoke that fills the air. It’s quite an experience, I’ll be sharing quite a few stubs & maybe a few snubs.Stay tuned….


My Bath time ritual- easy bath salts

My Bath time ritual- easy bath salts




My bath time ritual when I want to relax –   I soak in the tub with salts.

Shoppers Drug Mart has great products….and these are just two of them. I decided to mix the two in a large mason jar and place by the tub. I usually use about 4 scoops but you could use more or less. The citrus Epsom salts smell divine. I scored both on sale for under $10 each !

Sea salts contain many nutrients and minerals that are great for your skin. Sea salts also help treat certain skin conditions such as psoriasis. To relieve arthritis pain…soak in a warm tub with sea salt.

Epsom can help detox the body. These salts are rich in magnesium and sulfate. Both can be poorly absorbed through the stomach but are easily absorbed through the skin by soaking in a bath rich with Epsom salts

So, add a few scoops to your next bath….and relax.

Sea Salts
Epsom salts
Mix together….scoop into bath.
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