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Easy to make Porch Urns

Easy to make Porch Urns


These are my two go-to urns.

To add a bit of décor to my deck, I rely on these urns that I was lucky to be given when a friend was cleaning out her shed.I use them  for every season. I always change them up for winter, fall & summer.

I’m always searching for faux flowers at dollar stores. Some are quite real looking. I love the fact that they’re cheap. Another great frugal idea I do is to add at least one real potted plant to each urn.

I love solar lights. They are inexpensive & are great for landscaping. I just had to add one to each urn for a nice evening glow.


Blue- jean- rag- rug…Easily make your own.

Blue- jean- rag- rug…Easily make your own.

easy to make rag rug

Easy to make blue jean rug

Back in November 2015 I had a fall off my deck which resulted in a broken heel. I was laid up for quite a few months and wanted to do more than just read books and do crosswords. I wanted to really do something that didn’t involve too much walking around because I was on crutches. Recently I had seen a pin on Pinterest about a simple way to make a rag rug. If you love the color of blue jeans…like I do….it goes well with any colour. I have jean curtains and a blue jean duvet already in my bedroom. Even my bedside lamp is jean material. You know how you save those jeans in the back of your closet that you think you’ll  fit again someday ? .. I already had plenty pairs of jeans just sitting in my closet. Once I was able to walk around on my crutches , I checked out a major craft store here in Winnipeg  for the backing to use for my rug but found nothing except kits.  You know those latch hook kits. Since I only needed the backing/ pad , this was not an option. One day when  I decided to check out Dollarama. We have them all over Winnipeg. This is what I found….For $3.00 I found just what I needed. I cut my jeans up into strips. There were no exact measurements.. just thin strips about 8 or 9 inches long. You put them through the squares and tie them in two knots and just keep going and going. Just to get an idea how big the rug will be; I put my sandals in the this photo.And a close up…this does take awhile but when it’s done you think ” Hey, I actually made a rug “.When I finished one whole rug pad, I tied two together with some of the jean strips and this is the result.

It’s soft but does do a bit of  fraying. I’ve seen a spray product available in the U.S. to stop fraying but have not been able to locate it here in Canada yet.

I might just have to make a trip over the border to Grand Forks to get a can.












I think it fits in with whatever décor you have. It took me a few months to make but I had a cast on my foot and was sporting crutches so I really couldn’t do much else.

I would like to see your jean rug….make sure to subscribe and show your photo.

Spring Is Here

Spring Is Here

Spring is here……

Our mobile homeIt’s time to get out the rake and the broom. In the next few weeks I will be pressure washing my outdoor wicker set. This set includes a table, love seat, and two chairs. I’m also on the hunt for new chair pillows/pads. After the set is clean and dry, I plan to try my hand spray painting them. I  will be posting the whole process so check back to see how I made out.

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